General Terms of Sale

In this document:

  • “Seller” means Water Mango Swimwear (ACRA 53177210A)
  • “Buyer” means the party ordering the product(s).
  • "Payer" means the party paying for the product(s).
  • “Product” and “Products” mean any item(s) supplied by the Seller.
  • "Shipping" is when the Product is sent to the postal service for delivery to the address stated by the Buyer.


  • Ordering must be done on the official platform on
  • Orders accepted by the Seller cannot be cancelled or amended by the Buyer.


  • Payment is to be completed on the official platform on, or otherwise determined by Water Mango Swimwear.
  • All amount stated on are in Singapore Dollars, unless otherwise stated.
  • Discounts or special prices may not apply to sale items or priced-down items. Final pricing is decided by Water Mango Swimwear.


  • All risk in the Product(s) shall be passed to the Buyer upon Shipping.
  • The postal service provider is decided by the Seller.
  • The product will be posted to the address stated by the Buyer on Water Mango Swimwear official ordering platform.
  • The Seller is not responsible for any loss or delay of Product(s) after it is sent to the postal service provider.


  • When a Buyer submits an order to Seller, it forms an acceptance to the terms stated in this document.
  • All claims against Seller are strictly limited to the price of each Product purchased, less any cost incurred, including but not limiting to cost price of product, delivery and handling costs.
  • Seller will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever that may be caused as a result of misuse of Product, inaccuracy, error or omission.
  • Seller reserves the right to refuse trading with the Buyer if any term(s) stated in this document are not adhered, or for any reason(s) not obligated to be disclosed to the Buyer.
  • This terms in this document are governed by the laws in the Republic of Singapore.
  • Seller reserves the right to change any of the above conditions without prior notice.