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Product Care

Care for your swimwear

  • Hand-wash your swimwear. Do not wash it in the washing machine as it may cause pilling or reduce the shape retention quality with all the spinning.
  • Always rinse your swimwear in clean water, or wash with a mild detergent after every use.
  • Squeeze dry the swimwear and air-dry it in the shade, lying flat. Do not wring dry your swimwear.
  • Do not iron or tumble dry your swimwear.
  • Never dry your swimwear in a dryer. It would damage the elasticity.
  • Avoid use in spas as the combination of heat and chlorine will deteriorate your swimwear more quickly.
  • Avoid contact with sunscreens, perfume, deodorant, tanning products and excessive perspiration. Use mild detergent to wash your swimwear if in contact with such agents.
  • Rough surfaces cause snagging, pilling and wear-and-tear to your swimwear, so expect some form of damage to your swimwear when you go on a waterslide.
  • If your swimwear has a drawcord pull the cords together to tighten rather than away from each other, otherwise you may rip the drawcord holes.
  • To store your swimwear, put your dry swimwear in a zipper storage bag (eg: Ziploc bags), and keep it away from sunlight.

Care for your swim caps

  • While putting on your swim cap, make sure your finger nails do not poke into the material.
  • Do not use hairclips which may scratch or pierce through the cap.
  • Rinse the swim cap under the cool tap water after use.
  • Use a little mild soap if swim cap is in contact with sunblock lotion, and rinse with cool tap water.
  • Dry the cap with a towel.
  • Sprinkle talcum powder on the inside and outside of the cap.
  • Store the swim cap away from direct sunlight.

Care for your hand paddles

  • Do not subject your paddles to extreme temperature (hot or cold eg: leaving them under direct sunlight or in the boot of your car)
  • Do not throw or hit your paddles on hard surfaces or they may break

Care for your swim goggles

  • Do not rub the surface of lenses hard with a towel or nail to avoid scratching it or reduce the anti-fog effect.
  • After each use, rinse your goggles with clean water, and dry gently with soft cloth. Air-dry the goggles before storing them in a cool dry place.
  • Do not dry your goggles under the heat or direct sunlight.
  • Avoid contact between your googles and liquids sucjh as alcohol or thinner. It may cause discolouration to your goggles.