Indoor Pool OCBC Aquatic Centre

Indoor Pool OCBC Aquatic Centre

We have been enjoying splits of thunder storms for the past few days.  That's the beauty of living in the tropics!

So, it interrupts your swims?
Check out the indoor pool at OCBC Aquatic Centre!  It's a covered lap pool, with lanes indicated as "Slow" or "Fast".  Anyone who can lap through a 50M is welcomed. (Quick rests at the wall is OK too) :-)

Know more about the facility here: OCBC Aquatic Centre Training Pool 

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$10 for 10 days

$10 for 10 days

Get $10 off your regular-priced swimwear when you spend $100 or above.

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High Street Shopping

High Street Shopping

In the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in Hunan, China, "high-street" shopping is available for the rock-climbers visiting the picturesque park.  The Park is ranked #1 of parks attraction in Pingjiang County by Tripadvisor

The convenience store, mainly stocks energy food for the climbers. 

The prices of the items, said the official, are the same as the city stores. Located 100m above ground, climbers can pay by cash or do mobile paying by scanning a QR code.

Read and watch a video about this unique "high-street" shopping.

Shopping at is definitely less strenous!  Sit back and pick your swimwear!

Picture taken from / Agence France-Presse

Time for dessert?

Time for dessert?

Not counting the calories, desserts make me happy.  It puts a nice feeling after a meal, a feeling of being a conqueror yet again, a blessed moment that anyone would yearn for.

Warm desserts or cold desserts, there's a plenty.

However, one of my favourites is Ondeh Ondeh.

Ondeh Ondeh - Bite-size of contentment.

A South East Asian dessert, Ondeh Ondeh is a gula-melaka filled rice-flour ball, covered in shredded coconut. The sweetness of the filling is balanced with the slight tinge of saltiness of the shredded coconut. The rice flour is mixed with the juice of pandan leaves, which gives the jade green in colour and also the comforting aroma unique to the pandan leaf. 

Make it yourself! See recipe and method from this link:

read more ...

New Arrivals 10% off

New Arrivals 10% off

Funkita women's swimwear pairing special !

Get 10% off Funkita women's swimwear.

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Commonwealth Games 2018: How has it been for your favourite team?

Commonwealth Games 2018: How has it been for your favourite team?

It has been 5 days since the roaring start to the 2018 Commonwealth Games at Gold Coast, Australia!

See the Live swimming results.

Depending on where you are located, you may even see the live stream

How have your favourite teams been performing?

With any sports event, there are always inspirational stories of determination, finding the athlete's talent, and pure grit and hardwork.

Read about para-athlete Jade Jones, who was a non-swimmer just months ago, but now a champion triathlete.

Stay Cool in the Pool

Stay Cool in the Pool

Temperature's rising, below average rainfall.  It's going to be a warm April for Singapore.

Stay cool in the pool !

There are more than 25 public pools here, and there must be one within your area!

Find your closest swimming complexes in Singapore here

5 days left for 15% discount on Funky Trunks

Read the Straitimes article about the coming warm April : here

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