Oral UV Protection - Fernblock®

Oral UV Protection - Fernblock®

Even on a cloudy day, anyone engaging in outdoor activities should have sun protection.  

Our skin is the largest organ of our body.  It protects us from external environmental changes like heat and cold.  It also signals us to aggressions such as burns and cold-bites.  So, are we giving our skin the protection it deserves?  

Daily cleanising, moisturising and a layer of UV protection lotion are usually adequate to nurture our skin.  But most of us are either too lazy or unbothered, especially on UV protection.

Sun damage is cumulative over the years, thus it is never too early to start a UV protection regimen.  Wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sun-burn are just some of the UV damage we will experience, with skin cancer as the most alarming.

Anyone exposed to the sun should use some kind of UV protection.  Athletes training outdoors, like swimmers, golfers and runners are definitely in need of sun screen.

In recent years, oral sun protection has become more common.  They are sold as over-the-counter supplement.  Fernblock® is the patented fern extract of Polypodium Leucotomos.

Polypodium Leucotomos is a fern native to Central and South America.

As this supplement is plant-based, there is no known side-effects.  However, a user who is allergic to ferns, or already have any medical condition, should seek doctor's advice before consuming.

This oral supplement which reduces the damaging effects of UV radiation, works on deeper cellular protection.  This is contrary to topical sun block lotion which provides an external protection layer.  From the several reports, it is understood this plant extract is a fantastic antioxidant too.

For maximum defence, a combination use of oral sun protection supplement and topical sunscreen is encouraged.

Watch this AM Live! interview with a dermatologist from National Skin Centre.  Dr Goh Chee Leok talks about what is Fernblock® and how it can help us in delaying sun damage to our skin.

Ending with a word of caution, it is prudent to seek professional advice before starting on any supplement regime. 

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