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10 Jun
Advantages of wearing a swim cap

Advantages of wearing a swim cap

Swim caps, commonly made with Silicone or Latex are worn by recreational and competitive swimmers. 

It is a good habit to pack a swim cap in your swim bag, when there are several advantages of putting on a swim cap for your swim. Besides the technical benefits, it can be a fashion statement, now that there is quite a mean bunch of well-design (technically and artistically!) swim caps in the market.

Here are just a few advantages of putting on a swim cap.

Advantages of wearing a swim cap.

  • Prevents your hair from getting in the way of your vision.
  • Especially important for the safety of learner swimmers, easy to spot by the guardian / safety guard if the cap is of bright colours.
  • Preventing the "Ouch!" from the pull of goggles strap on our hair. When the goggles are worn over the swim cap, you will totally eliminate this!
  • Protect our hair from harsh chemicals in the pool, and dehydration from the salt in sea water.  Salt draws moisture away from our hair, while chemicals in the pool can bleach our hair, and dry them at the same time.
  • Performance enhancement for elite swimmers, where the smooth contour of a competition swim cap would reduce drag.

There is much information in the internet about the benefits and advantages of using a swim cap, so if you're not one with a swim cap, what's stopping you?

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