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That Email With..Pang Sheng Jun

Pang Sheng Jun has been in the pool for most of his 22 years.  He was one of the four-some (Joseph Schooling, Danny Yeo, Pang Sheng Jun and Quah Zheng Wen) who splendidly took home a meet record and a gold medal in the recent Southeast Asian Games 2013 for 4x200 Men Freestyle Relay...
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Beat the heat, hit the waters

Is it time to beat the heat and hit the waters? Drink lots of water to remain hydrated. Spending more time in the pool lately? Singapore Experiencing Record Dry Spell - and it could get worse: NEA Straitstimes...
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Going To The Swim Start

Many feel swimming is the one biggest challenge in Triathlon.  In the 3 discipline, it is done in human's unnatural living environment.  No stopping, no resting...
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Body and Soul : Discussing sleep and sleep disorder

For those who read our blog, you will notice that we have been emphasising on sleep.  And why not?  After all, sleep gives us the "R's" - Rest, Restore, Repair and of course Rejuvenate! Here, we share a video of an episode from Body And Soul, discussing sleep and sleep disorder...
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Shop confidently!

Water Mango Swimwear understands online shopping can sometimes be a doubtful process.  Questions may arise - What if I don't like the design upon receiving ?  Oh no, the size doesn't fit!  Hey I think I like the other design better! Do not worry! we have a customer friendly return policy...
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Happy Chinese New Year! ?????

On 31.Jan.2014, Chinese all over the world celebrates Chinese New Year.  It's the year of the horse, and horses are known to be healthy, athletic and hardworking...
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Swimstyle: Athlete Watch - Brittany Broben

Brittany Wears Funkita Macaw Magic (new season coming soon! available in Women and Girls) At the 2012 Olympic Games, 16 year old Queenslander Brittany Broben surprised the diving world with an incredible diving display to win silver in the 10 metre platform...
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Article Sharing on Lactic Acid

A day or two after a strenuous exercise routine, some of us feel pain or soreness on the areas which had been "worked out",  We often blame this temporary suffering to the release of Lactic Acid in our body...
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What's that Lane Rope for?

We see lane ropes when we go to the swimming pool.  It seemed to be an insignificant equipment floating on the waters which, besides giving some colours to the all blue pool, and guiding a swimmer to stay in his own lane, there is not much use of them...
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App To It!

This article is taken from SwimStyle (Edition 7), a publication by Way Funky Company. Need a helping hand to kick-start your training for the summer months?  SwimStyle has found the top apps for planning and execution of your training regime that much easier...
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