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Another Sleepy Reminder..Zzz

Further to my earlier blog, We Need That Beauty Sleep, here is an interesting infographics to tell the same story.  Most of us do not get enough sleep and don't know the dangers from the lack of sleep...
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Ouch! My ear hurts!

Ear anatomy Commonly known as "swimmer's ear", or external ear infection, Otitis externa is the inflammation of the ear canal. Otits externa is usually caused by bacteria, viral or fungal infection...
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Happy Best-Dress!

What a party! Yet another spectacular parade to celebrate 48th birthday of our nation. While I watch the parade on TV, I can't help but notice the fashion of our politicians...
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No Short-Cuts

On 6.August, I read with interest an article by Rohit Brijnath from The Straits Times : At Heart of Athletic Beauty is Plain Labour . The sports journalist nailed a crucial point most coaches are trying to relate to their charges...
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Successful People vs Unsuccessful People

The image below could have been reposted many times.  But I find it still worthwhile to share it here even you have seen it a hundred times :).  Have you been afraid of what other people might say when you want to try something different?  Have you heard sniggers and criticism from others when one attempts new heights and challenge the unconventional?  Or have we been guilty of hoping others will fail when we cannot achieve ourselves?  Very often, we forget that in order to be successful, someone else doesn't need to fail...
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Looking for a heated pool during the winter?

[picture taken from Bisbane City Council website] During the mid-winter, with temperatures hovering between 14C to 23C, are you looking for a heated pool? There are 20 Council swimming pools across Brisbane offering opportunites for fun, fitness and recreation...
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Fresh Splash July Newsletter

Fresh Splash July is out! Subscribe to be informed of the latest sale, coupon code and new season of swimwear!
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Are we getting a temporary reprieve?

Sun shining on the bamboos The sky started to clear from the Sumatran fire haze around 2pm today.  I can see blue sky from where I am (around central Singapore)...
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Short break from 5Jun to 9Jun

We are going on a short break from 5.June to 9.June. Your orders will be posted from 10June if they are received within this period. will remain opened 24/7...
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We need that beauty sleep

Many of us do not realise how sleep (of the lack of it!) affects our efficiency during our waking time.  We need to sleep in order to be awake! Some of us deprive ourselves willingly by turning in late because we want to catch up on the social media or watch late night movies...
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