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Time for dessert?

Not counting the calories, desserts make me happy.  It puts a nice feeling after a meal, a feeling of being a conqueror yet again, a blessed moment that anyone would yearn for...
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Milk as a recovery drink?

Milk has always been touted as one of the nutritional drinks an athelete must have. As much as it is a recommended food for swimmers, however, I do stop short of suggesting drinking it before or during workout, as it takes longer for the stomach to digest milk making you feel "laggy" during training...
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Silky Smooth Tau-Huay

Tau-Huay..a silky smooth protein food. Tau-Huay or Soya Bean Curd, made from the humble soya beans, is a much loved local dessert.  It is equally gratifying whether it is eaten chilled or warm...
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A Nice Cuppa..

A nice cuppa to start your day? Almost everyone I know drinks a cup of coffee every morning.  With it's distinct aroma and its caffeine's stimulating effect, it is with little wonder that it is the most consumed drink in the world...
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Claypot Chicken Rice

We just can't get enough of the great variety of our local hawker fare. After a  swim, you might just like to walk into the nearby hawker centre and choose the food that can be considered a reasonable recovery food; high in carbohydrates and protein...
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Cool Smooth Mango Smoothie

Mangoes are in season now! Not only are mangoes sweet and juicy, they are high in Vitamin A and C.  Mangoes are great on their own, but they are also very versatile...
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Home-made Hydration Drink

There are many brands of sports drinks (hydration drinks) in the market.  These are commercially available from your nearest grocery stores to the up market sports stores...
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Purple Carrots

While I was doing my usual morning marketing at NTUC, I found purple carrots!  While I know the existence of purple carrots, (and other colours of carrots), this is the first time I see it real...
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King of Fruit - Durian (Yum!)

Durians, you either love it or hate it. This tropical fruit with its unattractive appearance of hard covering and prickly thorns, has the honour of being the King Of Fruits...
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Wholemeal Pasta for a change..

This is a quick lunch box I'd done 2 days ago. Sausage and Spinach Spaghetti. Having not gotten used to the bite of wholemeal spaghetti yet, I'd mix it with the regular spaghetti...
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