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SHAPE Magazine

Funkita Candy Queen has a contribution in the June issue of SHAPE magazine! Get your very own Funkita today!
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Guys, here's the technicals

I had received the same question several times: "how is Men size XS different from Boys size 14?".  Given the waist measurements are the same, it is indeed a valid question...
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Wholemeal Pasta for a change..

This is a quick lunch box I'd done 2 days ago. Sausage and Spinach Spaghetti. Having not gotten used to the bite of wholemeal spaghetti yet, I'd mix it with the regular spaghetti...
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Chicken Soup for Recovery

Enjoying a home-made soup is a luxury most people would love to indulge in.  Soup are nutritious and can be easy to make. Today, I boiled chicken soup with fresh chinese yam (Huai Shan), taken from celebrity chef, Eric Teo's Simply Soup cookbook...
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Is it safe for you to start exercising? Check with PAR-Q!

I found this questionaire at Ang Mo Kio swimming complex.  It is done by the Singapore Sports Council as part of the effort to promote sports safety...
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Proper Swimwear - safety measure

These notices were taken from a public pool in Singapore.  Singapore Sports Council has urged the public using its pools to put on proper swimwear when using the pool facilities...
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Hello! For those coming in from our blogshop, a very warm welcome to you! Shop here for a seamless shopping experience!  We look forward to suggestions and views for improvement! Just leave a message on our "Contact" page
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Are you a swimwear designer?

If you are a swimwear designer, and would like to feature your creations here, please email: Products not yet on sale would be given priority...
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2012 Kings and Queens World Tour

Buy your Funky Trunks and Funkita here!
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2012 Funky Trunks and Funkitas

Check out the 2012 collection here at Water Mango Swimwear! This Punk Sweetheart (Girl) has sizes running out even before I could post them here!   We will re-stock in the new Water Mango Swimwear e-commerce store!  OPENING SOON!At the mean time, save your dollars by grabbing the SALE items now!  
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